Better Homes & Finances
A free content marketing publication mortgage and real estate professionals in
the Jacksonville FL area can send to their clients for Top-Of-Mind-Awareness.

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About Better Homes & Finances

"A multi-faceted, homeowner focused publication created for mortgage and real estate professionals to send to their clients
for stronger relationships and top-of-mind-awareness. Professionals who provide content based on what their client cares
about and not about the professional's interests, products, or service have the advantage. This is called Content Marketing!"

What Do Homeowners Care About?

Recent research on homeowner interests has found that their two top priorities are to add value to their homes (their largest investment) and create a safe and secure financial future for their family. These topics and more is what Better Homes & Finances is about!

Advantages of Content Marketing


Top-of-mind-awareness leads to ongoing business and valuable referrals. Make sure you communicate with your clients on a regular basis and mostly in a “non-sales” related manner. Newsletters with valuable content clients care about is a great way to do this.

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Stronger relationships

Stronger Relationships

When you add value to your client’s lives, you strengthen relationships. Better Homes & Finances provides content that adds value to many areas of your client’s lives. Your client’s will appreciate the extra effort you are providing for their benefit.

Enhanced Brand Value

Professionals that provide added value that is more for the benefit to their clients than the bottom line greatly enhance their brand value and professional image.

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